Everyone can sail a GoBoat!

More than one and a half million people have sailed with us around the world. It's safe and easy to sail our boats, and our crew provides all necessary instructions before departure. Only the person retning, the captain, must be at least 21 years old.

You are your own captain, and there is room for 8 people including babies and children. We have life jackets for everyone. The map in the boat and below shows which areas you are allowed to sail in. Bring your own picnic and enjoy the social experience.

No license required

Fits up to 8 people

Soundless electrical motor

Sail at a calm pace of 3-4 knots.

Safety information for sailing a GoBoat

When you sail with GoBoat, safety is our number one priority, both yours and the safety of other users of the port. It is therefore important that you feel well prepared for your trip on the water. When you book, you'll receive even more specific instructions digitally and before departure.

Watch the safety video to be as prepared as possible, so you know about safe sailing, the rules, how to steer the boat and general safe behavior.

Map of GoBoats' US locations

Each location is unique with great sights to enjoy and important safety rules to respect. Therefore, when you sail with GoBoat we provide you with a physical map in the boat. You can view the map digitally here before to prepare yourself for a great sailing experience with friends or family.

Map of GoBoats' US locations

Featured image for the The Wharf, DC location

The Wharf, DC

Hungry or thirsty?

When sailing with GoBoat, it's always a good idea to bring food and drinks on board. A picnic at sea makes the time on the water even more enjoyable!

You're always welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks or you can easily order food and drinks online when you book your sailing trip. And if you're looking for the finishing touch to your trip, you can still add more drinks and snacks at check-in.

The assortment varies depending on which location you are sailing from.

tapas fra green island

Photo: Erica Pierre

How to be a good captain

When steering a boat with a steering wheel and throttle is similar to driving a car, but there are a few key differences to keep in mind.

Before you begin

Familiarize yourself with the GoBoat. Locate the steering wheel, throttle, and music equipment.
Ensure that all passengers are seated securely and have life jackets close by. Check for any obstructions around the boat and ensure there are no swimmers nearby.

Starting the boat

Place the orange key on the throttle and the electric motor will be “ON”.


Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands.
To turn the boat to the right, turn the steering wheel clockwise. To turn left, turn the wheel counterclockwise. Remember, turning the wheel moves the boat's rudder, which changes its direction.


The throttle controls the boat's speed. The throttle is designed in a way if you push forward it increase speed and pull back to decrease speed and break.
Start by slowly pushing the throttle forward to increase speed. Be gentle with the throttle to avoid jerky movements. To slow down or stop the boat, gently pull the throttle back towards you. Avoid abruptly pulling the throttle to prevent the boat from rocking.

Practice Maneuvers

Please take it slowly and practice steering and controlling the throttle. Practice making gradual turns using the steering wheel, and adjust the throttle to maintain a safe speed. Practice stopping the boat from different speeds to get a feel for how it responds.

Safety Tips

Always be aware of your surroundings and watch for other boats, swimmers, or obstacles in the water. Keep a safe distance from other boats and shore. Avoid sudden movements or sharp turns, especially when there are waves or choppy water.
If you're unsure about something, slow down and take your time to assess the situation.

Returning to Dock

When returning to dock, reduce your speed well in advance to give yourself time to maneuver.
Use short bursts of throttle to adjust your position and line up with the dock. Once lined up, gently pull back on the throttle to bring the boat to a stop, then shift into neutral. Secure the boat to the dock using ropes.

Shutting Down

Once docked safely, shift the boat into neutral and remove the orange key from the throttle.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Don't be afraid to take your time and get comfortable with the controls before heading out onto the water. And always priorities safety for yourself and others around you.

Company and private events with GoBoat

Make your next company event, Friday drinks, summer party or other social occasion an unforgettable experience on the water with your colleagues and friends.

You can sail on your own from while experiencing the cities and its sights from the water side. You'll discover a unique and relaxing social setting when you are sailing. The crew on board will be brought closer to each other, as deeper relationships are created on the water.

You can choose between different packages catered to your needs. Are you looking for "just" a sailing trip or do you want the luxury treatment? You can add captain's hats, entertainment on board and even put your logo on the boats you sail in.

We offer packages from 24 people (3 boats) with 8 people in each boat.

More questions? Our FAQ has the answers!