Your GoBoat experience

A GoBoat ride should be part of your highlight reel. Enjoy the sights of the city with friends, family and colleagues. The Danish word "hygge" is a major part of the sailing experience since GoBoat was started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014.

Our rental boats are equipped with a picnic table in the middle while the electric motor is close to silent. The trip on the water is safe and comfortable while our crew and its systems makes sure to give you a high level of service.

Our boats sail about 3 knots (4-5 miles/h). This means you can enjoy each other's company safely and experience the city - regardless of whether you've sailed before or not. No license required.

While sailing is fun for everybody, our impact on the environment must be as small as possible. We want to ensure that we and our guests respect and live in harmony with the water and environment while enjoying the water.

Our maritime history teaches us that we need to respect the water and environment around us. This respect is something we want to share we you as the sailor. The majority of sustainable initiatives we take care of so you can experience the trip as it's meant to.

We do ask you to do one thing: Please bring your garbage with you and sort it for recycling when you leave. We have bins for recycling at all locations.

Family sailing and cleaning the harbor in Copenhagen GoBoat

Some of GoBoat's sustainable initiatives

  • All our boats have electric motors
  • Our boats are made responsibly. Some are made of reusable plastic while the newest boats and future ones are made of basalt materials
  • The boats have a long life expectancy. Boats from when we opened in 2014 are still in use today
  • We buy green electricity or create it ourselves with solar panels
  • We sort our own waste and our guests help by sorting their waste adhering to local recycling rules
  • We choose the most sustainable products for our shops