GoBoat in Kingston

Job opening: GoBoat crew in Washington, DC (The Wharf) and Maryland (National Harbor)

At GoBoat we’re about to find the perfect team for season 2023 in both DC and Maryland. When you work at GoBoat you are a part of our family where togetherness and socializing is an important part of the workplace. We care about having a great time while working. That’s the best way for us to give our guests the best experience in our boats. If you want to apply for the positions, please send your application to jobs@goboatus.com.

Who is GoBoat

GoBoat was brought to life in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, making the water accessible for everybody. We create unique experiences and unforgettable memories on the water to as many as possible.

At GoBoat we respect our surroundings and that’s why we treat the waters with great consideration. As daily users of the channel and harbor we have a responsibility for keeping it as clean as possible. Our boats are electrical driven and made responsibly. Some are made of reusable plastic while the newest boats and future ones are made of basalt materials.

We have locations all over the world, including Copenhagen, London and Melbourne. We are growing in multiple places worldwide with new locations opening each year while we also implement new concepts. That’s why we need more people to join our family and spred GoBoat’s maritime vibes.

Who we are looking for

At GoBoat we’re looking for energetic young personalities who want to help us spread the maritime vibes at the Wharf and National Harbor. We are in search for outgoing people who radiate charm and good karma. You as a crew person are the first representatives of GoBoat our guests meet when they are going sailing. That’s why it’s important that it is a welcoming and smiling crew that’s ready to send guests on the water. So if you, like us, love being on the water and enjoy being outside, then the job as crew at GoBoat might be perfect for you.

The most important thing is that you have a big drive and are ready to give it your best at work, which is outside 90% of the time. It's obviously great, when the sun is shining form a clear sky. We’re sending a lot of guests out on the water during the year and therefor you must be great at small talk and creating connections with anybody.

Specific qualifications and competences

  • You are reliable and always arrive on time
  • You are sociable and can talk to anybody
  • You can communicate in English - any other languages would be great too, as we have a lot of international guests
  • You believe in teamwork and value a strong community
  • You must be service-minded and always make sure to give our guests the best experience
  • It sounds like a cliché, but it’s important to be able to keep a cool head in pressured situations. Summer days are fast-paced and you have to run fast without compromising the customer experience
  • You take responsibility and make sure you’re tasks get done so your colleagues aren’t left with your work and task
  • Preparation and cleaning of boats and the boat dock
  • Check-in of guests via our booking system
  • Briefing on boat handling, safety, sailing routes and rules before sending guests on the water at The Wharf and National Harbor.
  • Throughout the year we organize a number of event that you will help to facilitate
  • It’s not a requirement, but an advantage: Knowledge of boats and the maritime environment (BUT NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED as we will train you)

Practical information

  • We expect you to be able to work evenings, weekends and holidays – in other words, at times when others are free
  • You will have the opportunity to sail for free at selected times
  • The position is seasonal. Our season runs from April 1st 2023 – October 31rd 2023. Work hours will vary depending on whether it’s low or high season
  • The workplace is at our locations at The Wharf and National Harbor
  • The job is hourly paid
  • You must be at least 18 years old

Start is as soon as possible. You must not have any planned holidays lasting more than 5 consecutive days.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!