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Sponsored by GoBoat?

We are honored by all the inquiries we receive regarding donations to various charities, voluntary and commercial companies. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate all inquires. Our focus is on on specific areas such as maritime and sustainable experiences for everybody - especially children.

GoBoat does not donate money, but we do sponsor sailing trips from time to time. Our sponsorship partnerships are typically available in March, April, May and September, October. If your organization falls within the areas we support, please fill out the form below. Please don't email us as the answer will be to fill out the form.

These are the areas we support:

  • Projects that are 100% charity based
  • Charitable organizations that particularly supports a vulnerable group - especially focusing on children
  • Charitable organizations that focus on the maritime and sustainability on the water
  • Cultural events where sailing can be included

Areas we won't support:

  • Direct financial support
  • We do not make donations of boat rides for lotteries, fairs, parties and the like
  • We don't partner with companies that promote gambling, excessive alcohol intake or drugs
  • We don't partner with political parties

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